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Individual Counseling

  • Life transitions

    • As individuals, we can come across various transitions and adjustments throughout our lifetime. Preparing for the transition from high school to college or to the work force, adjusting to college life and navigating life after college are transitions and adjustments that may arise. Also, preparing for the upcoming arrival of a child and adjusting to life after the child’s arrival is something that may arise in therapy. Empowering clients to acknowledge their capabilities and discover their passions is part of our work. Experiencing adjustments and transitions is inevitable. In addition to processing, identifying and setting goals, utilizing CBT skills to overcome stress and anxiety that may arise is part of the work we do with our clients. It is how we get through such adjustments and transitions that can define our success.

  • Relationships

    • Individuals experience unique relationships daily. There are the relationships with our immediate family which may include parents, siblings, children, grandparents, and extended family which may include aunts, uncles, and cousins, friendships, romantic relationships, academic peers, work colleagues, bosses, mentors, etc. At any given time, we may experience conflict with one or more of these relationships. As a therapist, our role is to help our clients gain different perspectives around these various relationships to gain a better understanding in how to approach them and to have effective conversations. Therefore, having positive experiences with our loved ones and others.

  • Women empowerment

    • ​As two women that make up South Broward Therapy, we strongly believe that uplifting one another and creating a support system is a part of our core. As women, we can be so critical of ourselves in striving to meet societal expectations and perfectionism. Women are capable of so much and more, sometimes we just need others to point out our capabilities to remind us of our full potential. ​

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