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  • Katrina Lorenzo, M.S., LMFT

Goal Setting over New Year’s Resolutions

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

When the new year rolls around we tend to put lots of pressure on ourselves. Nowadays all we see on social media is others posting about their New Year’s resolutions whether that to be travel more, exercise more, etc. Naturally, we tend to buy into adding the pressure to ourselves by setting resolutions that may turn into guilt for not being acted upon. Sound familiar?

How about we try this instead? Instead of making broad and general resolutions, let’s set realistic achievable goals! It is helpful in reflecting on the past and acknowledging the things and moments that brought you happiness and ease rather than stress and anxiety. Once you do this it’s easy to set and manage expectations. Do more of what works for you, and tweak or change what doesn’t. The pressure and guilt that comes with resolutions disappears. By reflecting, acknowledging, setting and managing expectations you set yourself up for success!

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