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How to Find Me Time as a New Mommy

Updated: Feb 6, 2022

New expecting moms can encounter challenges in finding a balance between "me time" and "mommy time". Continue reading about my journey of how I found me time as a new mommy.


Becoming a first-time mommy is new territory and comes with lots to navigate during these times filled with different emotions and unique challenges. Recently, I became a first-time mommy and am no stranger to the challenges that come forward with this new exciting title. A new position on my resume (personally my favorite position of all). Being a mommy can be empowering and add another layer to yourself.

It is essential to not forget yourself and include yourself on the list of priorities as a new mommy. Your identity does not vanish because you now have a little one. Reflect on the things you enjoyed doing prior to becoming a mommy. Make a list of things you would like to do for yourself. It may not always be easy to accomplish these things, but making an effort and a plan is a good start.

To be completely transparent, I have procrastinated writing this blog because mom guilt is a real thing. For the first five months I would have mom guilt if all my attention was not completely on my daughter at all times. Doing tummy time, reading her a book, singing to her, holding her, playing with her, talking to her, etc. Basically, I would not do anything around the house unless my husband was home with her or she was asleep.

When my daughter would be asleep, I would take that time for myself and watch an episode of Real Housewives of Potomac. Now, five months later, I realize it is perfectly fine to put her in the highchair while I do laundry, cook, or write a blog post when she is playing. There is nothing wrong with taking that time for myself.

Another struggle of mine was needing to be present when my husband came home from work so we can have time as a family and then time with my husband once our daughter was sleeping. My husband would always tell me to go have some time for myself. I realized he’s right. When do I have time for myself!? I am not practicing what I would most likely be telling my clients to do.

I have found a balance that works for me. It is a work in progress, and I will continue to work on it throughout mommy hood. This was the way I navigated finding my balance. You decide when you feel comfortable making that transition. Some expecting new mothers may not struggle with finding balance at all. As an LMFT (therapist) and Doctor of Marriage and Family Therapy in South Florida, I enjoy working with and supporting expecting new mothers and women discovering their balance as new mommies navigating life transitions.

Dr. Liana Lorenzo-Echeverri, LMFT

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