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  • Katrina Lorenzo, M.S., LMFT

How to Increase Your Self-Esteem

Why is it so easy for us to look in the mirror and point out all our flaws? Why is it that we rarely acknowledge all the things we love about ourselves? If you find yourself in a place of constant negative talk, follow these tips on how to acknowledge your strengths, increase your self-esteem, and learn to love yourself!

  • Give yourself grace, you are only human

  • For every negative thought, identify three positive thoughts

  • Acknowledge your strengths (i.e., creative, empathetic, kind, honest, etc.)

  • Think of ways in which you utilize your strengths in your relationships, in your professional life and your interpersonal life

  • Think of new ways to utilize your strengths in the above areas of your life

  • Write these down as a way to reflect when feeling down or to see how far you have come

  • Love yourself!

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