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  • Katrina Lorenzo, M.S., LMFT

How to Reduce Morning Anxiety

Have you ever woken up from a night’s sleep and instantly feel anxious? A common theme among my clients has been Morning Anxiety. Morning anxiety is that anxious overwhelmed feeling that arises the minute you wake up and you just cannot pinpoint where it has come from. When it comes to anxiety, I always encourage my clients to “focus on what we can control”. By focusing on what we can control, we can minimize our fears and worries. How you start your day most likely determines how your day will go. Here are some tips for reducing your Morning Anxiety.


  • Starting your day by moving your body with some stretches, a walk, yoga, etc. releases endorphins

  • Mental focus can improve when concentrating on movement

  • Mood is elevated by moving your body

Practice Meditation/Mindfulness

  • Meditation, journaling, and breathing exercises can improve your capability to calm your mind

  • Focusing on the “here and now” allows you to stop the practice of focusing on the past and future

  • Anxious thoughts minimize when practicing self-awareness

Limit Stressors

  • Putting off social media use reduces morning anxiety

  • Disabling notifications for news, emails, texts, etc. can help

  • Allotting time for self-care can reduce anxiety

Control What You Can

  • “Time-blocking” and time management helps you plan and reduce anxiety for your day

  • Decatastrophizing (click here to learn how to decatastrophize) can help rationalize fears or worries

  • Focus on what you can control versus what is completely out of your hands

Utilize Resources

  • Download meditation and breathing apps

  • Subscribe to a podcast that provides tips and insight

  • Relying on your support system, friends, and family

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