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  • Dr. Liana Lorenzo-Echeverri, DMFT

Three Steps to Set Boundaries

Boundaries protect our mental health. If you are feeling overwhelmed, resentful or anxious, check in with your mind & body to identify what is making you feel this way. Allow yourself to understand your own limits, what you value, and are capable of taking on. Once you do this, it is time to set healthy boundaries. There are a number of different ways to set boundaries, the key is to implement those healthy boundaries.

Here are a few simple steps to implement healthy boundaries: 1. First step is to identify your limits. Listen to your body, what is stressing you out? What makes you feel overwhelmed? Be clear with your intentions, what you need and expect from others. Check in with yourself and turn towards your feelings, not away from them. Allow yourself to identify what needs to change? You are the expert of your life. Do not be afraid to make yourself a priority. 2. Once you have identified your limits, set the boundary/boundaries by communicating your boundary/boundaries. Communicate your limits and boundaries clearly.

3. Communicate and name those boundaries by setting the expectation in how you would like to be treated and detailing your limits. Express what those limits are and what they look like. Communicating your boundaries will eliminate unnecessary stressors and prevent you from feeling depleted. Stay true to yourself and take care of your mental health. Also, setting boundaries sets a good example for our children to be able to say no, and listen to their own needs while teaching them they do not have to live to please others. This shows them to prioritize their self-care and to respect when others say “no”.

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