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  • Dr. Liana Lorenzo-Echeverri, DMFT

What is Prenatal Therapy?

You might find yourself asking what is prenatal therapy and what are the benefits? Prenatal therapy can help you navigate and sort through your concerns, uncertainties, anxiety, or emotions throughout pregnancy or even prior to making the decision to conceive. Therapy during pregnancy is as important as any other prenatal care treatment. Mental health should be a priority for the well-being of the mother and the child. Therapy helps nurture your baby by caring for your mental wellness, along with the mental wellness of your baby and family. Speaking to someone can relieve some of the stress during pregnancy and preparing for the arrival of your baby.

Growing a baby inside your body comes with responsibilities, changes to your body, and can alter your daily life as you once knew it. Pregnancy can possibly develop concerns, fear or anxiety.

There can be challenges associated with pregnancy and preparing to give birth. Worrying about your baby’s health, possibly illness and complications to you or your baby during pregnancy, coping with the changes and stress which occur to your body during pregnancy. This can cause potential emotional and physical stress.

You are preparing to welcome a new baby to your family, and it is not your first. This can bring emotions of is my other child or children prepared to not be the only child and have a sibling? Am I prepared to have more than one child?

Prenatal therapy is a space to vent, process the variety of emotions that comes with this new chapter of your life. Pregnancy is different for everyone and everyone handles it differently. Therapy is a space to meet you where you are at on your pregnancy journey, or journey to possibly becoming pregnant. Transitioning into pregnancy or parenthood does not mean you have to manage all of the emotions alone. Prenatal counseling is there to provide you a safe space, lending ear, and give you tools to cope tailored to your experience.

Dr. Liana Lorenzo-Echeverri, LMFT

South Broward Therapy, LLC

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