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Maternal Mental Health

  • Support

    • Motherhood does not mean you have to do it all alone. Support is necessary in life and is especially beneficial during your perinatal and postpartum periods. Being a mother is a beautiful journey. However, with the beautiful moments may come some scary and challenging moments. As mothers we are capable of placing guilt and expectations on ourselves. Experiencing these emotions can sometimes take another perspective to highlight all you are doing for your child and give yourself some credit. In therapy we can work through different ways and create tools to process and work through those emotions. 

      • Women or parents who are grieving due to miscarriage can benefit from a safe place to feel supported and allow the space when they are ready to grieve, process, and honor the memory of their child. As a therapist I meet my clients where they are at and want them to feel comfortable during this challenging time as they work towards healing.

  •  Self-care

    • Self-care is fundamental for anyone. Though, I make it a priority with my mommies. In order to be present as a mom, it is important to take care of yourself as well as the baby. I work with my clients to create a wellness plan that meets your needs to create a peaceful mindset and atmosphere for you and your baby. 

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