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Parenthood Journey

Your parenthood journey and life after baby are full of adjustments in your life. Each experience is unique and can be stressful at times. Parents can seek the support they need at South Broward Therapy. I work with parents that are feeling stressed or would just like to have a listening ear regarding their pregnancy, journey to parenthood, or postpartum journey. Becoming a parent does not look the same for everyone. No matter the journey to parenthood, all individuals are all going through similar circumstances with unique aspects. 

  • Deciding whether or not to have a child

    • Individuals and couples making the decision of whether or not to have a child may require support while making this life altering decision. Societal pressures may influence individuals and couples to have or to not have a chiId. I can assist individuals and couples that are struggling to make a decision by identifying decision-making factors and helping individuals and couples communicate their wants, needs and what they envision for themselves. 

  • ​During pregnancy

    • At this stage, you have transitioned from deciding on whether or not to become a parent to being a parent. Life automatically shifts. Roles, relationships, bodies, thoughts and emotions may start to change. As a therapist, I can help you in adjusting to the new role as we process.​

  • Miscarriage

    • Miscarriage is a process of grieving and healing. Each parent processes their loss and grieves differently. Therapy allows the space for each parent to be heard and understand what the other is feeling. The couple can learn how to support one another’s needs during this time, learn what they each need to process, grieve while their boundaries are being respected and honored during this process of grieving a miscarriage.

  • Post-pregnancy

    • Now you have brought a little one into the world. There is a shift in dynamics with yourself, partner, family and friends. As a therapist, I can introduce balance, structure and self-care. I can assist you in identifying as an individual and as a parent. Also, I can help couples in acknowledging their role as new parents while maintaining their relationship. ​

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